Sexual Services With A Smile, Like It Used To Be

By | February 11, 2011

Mike was slumped in his armchair, beer in one hand, remote control in the other. His eyelids were heavy, closing then snapping open, he was determined to see the end of the film. This was the end of the weekend and he was going to squeeze out every last moment from it before returning to work.

Finally his eyes closed for the last time. The can fell to the floor with a clatter and rolled until it hit the leg of the coffee table, the dregs creating a urine coloured puddle on the wooden floor. The DVD continued to deliver its payload of Scandinavian porn to Mikes closed eyelids.

Mike’s watch read 05:38 am.



Mike was jolted back to consciousness by the sound of his watch’s alarm. His waking eyes were greeted by a very blonde and unconvincingly enthusiastic woman trying to sell him an electric juice extractor.


Shit! He was late. A combined shower, shave and brief gesture towards oral hygiene took ten minutes. Then he was off, the door of his apartment slamming behind him as he raced down the hallway, slice of toast in his mouth and trailing a shoelace from his left foot.


Mike flew through the doors of the “Thorpe’s Hardware & DIY” and skidded to a halt in front of the vinyl-matt just as the hands of shop’s venerable old wall clock reached eight o’clock.

Mr Thorpe peered at Mike over the rim of his spectacles “Thank goodness I didn’t ask you to take the morning delivery. Something wrong?”

Mike was transfixed. Mr Thorpe’s beard, previously silvery white was black, his hair, formerly grey and thin was now shoulder length. Mike felt a grin creeping across his face, but managed to blurt out “Nothing, everything’s fine.” without sniggering. The old devil must be after a girlfriend.

“The stock’s in the yard, get it on to the shelves before you go anywhere near a cup of tea.”

Mike trudged off to the yard at the rear of the shop. To the sound of Thorpes beloved Radio 3 playing the sorcerer’s apprentice. Which he would have found ironic if he’d recognised the melody …


“I’m off for a business meeting.” declared Mr Thorpe at around eleven. Right, that’ll be a meeting at the bookmakers thought Mike. Thorpe wouldn’t be back until three or later, smelling of bitter and cigarettes. Mike immediately tried to retune the shop’s radio to something more contemporary, but could only find a retro-music station playing funk and northern soul.

Shortly after Thorpe left a woman entered the shop. She was in her early twenties, brown hair and slim. She looked like a renegade from a class of ’77 school reunion. Tight white t-shirt, red hot pants and, here’s where Mike had to double-take, rollerskates. This was turning into a Monday like no other …

Her nipples seemed to point at Mike from pert breasts that needed no support. Perky was an understatement. B verging on a C Mike guessed. The red satin of her hot pants was what really got his pulse racing though. They enclosed an ass that looked good enough to eat.

“I’m looking for some wallpaper for my bedroom. Can I see what you’ve got to offer me?” she asked “I’ll need quite a length too as it’s quite big”.

A lesser man than Mike might have broken down at this point, but not him. “This way madame,” Mike’s crotch was uncomfortably tight due to a developing erection.

“Are you all on your own looking after the shop?” she asked.

“Yes, Mr Thorpe tends to leave me on my own to look after the customers these days. Here we are.” They were now standing behind the bench at the back of the store where the wallpaper sample books were stored.

Skater Girl stared at Mikes crotch “From what I can see you should be able to look after the customers quite well with that.” She licked her lips slowly and meaningfully.

Mike opened his mouth to reply with a witty repost but found his eloquence failed him as skater girl dropped to her knees and grabbed his bulge with one hand and his buttock with the other. Mouth opening and closing soundlessly like a fish out of water Mike watched her unzip his flies and unbuckle his belt. She tugged his trousers down slightly then reached inside to gain access to his cock.

It sprung out like a Jack-in-the-box “Ooh, you’ll have someone’s eye out with that.” She quipped.

Mike was transfixed. He was at work, his cock in the hands of a (beautiful) total stranger, pre-cum now dribbling from the end. Wet dream City! The faint sound of funky guitar music drifted from the radio.

The bell on the shop door announced the arrival of another customer. In walked a priest, he nodded to Mike. Mike managed a weak smile. He glanced down at Skater Girl, out of site of the priest behind the bench, she looked up at him with dark brown eyes and teased the end of his cock with her tongue. “Hmm” she moaned approvingly, tasting his precum.

Icy rivulets of panic ran down Mikes neck and spine as the priest browsed the shelves of paint, brushes, hinges and screws. Skater Girl was intent on the task in hand, or mouth as it was now. The head of his cock was being lovingly and expertly fellated, her tongue swirling around it, rubbing and caressing it.

He felt the urge to thrust into her, but fought it. The priest kept looking his way and Mike didn’t want to be discovered. Skater girl opened her mouth wider and took his cock into her mouth until she could take no more. His glans pressed onto the back of her throat.

She began to drive herself onto him, the feel of it was frantic and exciting. The fear of discovery, the sensation of her mouth on him, the smell of the shop that he knew so well in his nostrils. He’d never look at a roll of wallpaper the same way again.

The priest made for the door, gave a farewell nod to Mike and left. As the door closed Mike felt his orgasm begin, the imminent risk of discovery now gone his lust was unleashed.

She cupped his balls with a hand. He placed his had behind her head and urged her to take him faster and deeper. Her fingernails dug into his scrotum and buttocks.

Then he came, deep in her throat. He groaned and bucked, his knees suddenly turning to jelly. She pulled away and let the last of his cum spurt onto her tongue. She swallowed hard and licked her lips.

She was still holding the base of his penis in her hand like a lollipop. She licked it clean, balls to sensitive tip, then placed it carefully back into his trousers.

“I have to go now, perhaps you’ll deal with me properly next time” she smiled.

“We aim to please”

To be continued