Getting Up Close And Personal With Shay Hendrix, Porn Star

By | February 12, 2011

Shay HendrixI had been wanting to take a look around Portland Place since I first saw if featured in porn.  The period plaster relief work on the ceilings, the grand fireplaces all signature work of the brilliant Robert Adam.

Unfortunately the house has not stood the test of time well; time and all the socialite parties and swingers functions have left it looking a little uncared for and unkempt.  I felt a little saddened by just how much of the original features of the house had become distressed and in some cases ruined.  It would take a lot of professional restoration to return the house to what it once was.

The property could best be described as shabby chic, such a shame to see one of the greatest architects in the world had not received the respect he deserved.

I refocused my attention to those present in the room.  We were introduced to Mark over in the far corner of the room by the open shuttered window who was busy applying make up to the female star.  Tanya went on to explain that the shoot was going to be an MFM one.

Alex already suspected that Shay Hendrix was going to be on set as she had tweeted earlier that she was on a Harmony shoot we just didn’t know it would be this one.  Lucky us because let me tell you guys she is gorgeous and has the most delicious pair of natural boobs.  Couldn’t take my eyes off them when she kitted off later.  😉

I gave both Mark and Shay a kiss on the cheek and then let them get back to makeup.  We were trying to be us unobtrusive as possible.  I stood and watched as Mark applied Shay’s makeup, wishing he had made me up that morning, feeling slightly inferior.  Lol

He was a really nice, approachable guy with lots of naughty stories to tell and Shay was so down to earth and sweet.  As Alex and I sat watching Shay in makeup and interviewing her Tanya and Nick were busily setting up in the adjoining room, with lighting, filters and props.

It was interesting to learn that there was a partition wall between the two rooms which dropped in to the floor to create a large room for entertaining.  There was an air of disorganised chaos about us but everything eventually just slotted perfectly in to place.  Food and refreshments were available on one trestle table and crates of outfits and paraphernalia were stacked on the floor, each carefully labelled.

Mark was creating a very sexy, sultry look for Shay complete with blood red lips.  At this point I had no idea what she was going to be wearing, although I did hope it would be something kinky as is the signature of Tanya Hyde’s productions.

Whilst Alex interviewed Shay I took the opportunity to set up my laptop and update my facebook page for the readers.  It was a slow 3G connection but I was able to give them brief updates.  Shay appeared to be periodically doing the same on her Blackberry.

At this point Tanya offered to show me around the building and I was an enthusiastic voyeur…