Japanese Call Girls On Tap

By | February 12, 2011

Deri Heru or Delivery Health was not something I had encountered until I encountered it on the web – no shit! I hear you all cry. I stumbled across the term, then information about what it meant and finally a rather interesting blog about the fliers that the “Delivery Health” girls shove in people’s letter boxes, apparently with great frequency.

Delivery Health is apparently one of those great euphemisms that the Japanese like the British use to describe sexual services without actually mentioning the dirty, dirty act of sex. I don’t speak Japanese, and certainly don’t read it, but this guy has gone to immense trouble to scan and translate the fliers for us.

My personal favourite euphemism in the price lists some of the fliers have is “Secret Play” which is apparently the term used to refer to penetrative vaginal sex. The only type of sexual activity explicitly outlawed by Japanese law.

What a very different place the UK would be if we operated our sex industry like this …