Shagged Out

By | May 25, 2008

SuzeBy the time you read this we’ll be on our way back from the Passion Show at Earls Court in London. Avid readers will of course now say “What! You were at Passion!”

Well yes. Sorry for not letting you all in on the little secret, but we decided when we started AlexSuze that we would keep our identities secret to ensure that we could write without restriction. It would have been lovely to post about it, but unfortunately that would have invited disaster. I’m sure some of you will have attended Passion, or may be doing so today and therefore might have spotted us.

This little omission from our daily posts was necessary. So what you’ve been reading for the past 24 hours or so was posted ahead of time.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll have come back with lots stories, news and new things to review.

See you all later. It may be much later as I’m sure we’ll both be pretty much shagged out by now.