Soapy Tits In Japan

By | February 12, 2011

Although I wasn’t actually looking for any soapy sexual material when surfing the web I came across a new porn film called Soapland. Released in the UK it features Soaphouses, apparently popular in Japan where men can get a soapy rub-down and a little more.

I looked them up and found some fascinating articles about them. One here describes the Soapland phenomena in detail.

They key points here are that like many things relating to the Japanese sex trade legislation is a little weird and gives the impression that it’s deliberately vague. I’ve heard lots of interpretations of the Japanese laws around sex and obscenity but this article seems to imply that the only thing explicitly outlawed is straight sex and even that isn’t enforced.

Anyone care to educate me.

So, I also had a look at Wikipedia. What I did learn from that rather short entry is that there are women only Soaplands. Nice to know, but what about men only ones if you get my drift?

But before you all go buying your tickets to Japan for a slippery nipple trip be warned. It would appear that some if not the majority of Soaplands exclude foreigners. Sorry.

And the name? Well apparently the establishments used to be called Turkish baths but the Turkish Embassy objected to their country’s name being associated with 1,800 brothels and a competition was launched to find the new name. Brilliant.