Fuck! Where Do I Put All These Sex Toys

By | May 25, 2008

I thought I would consult my dear readers and ask this question of them. Where do you store your toys so that little fingers can’t find them? I’m sure there are many parents out there reading this blog regularly, so who better to ask.

Just how do you manage to keep your toys safe from the children, who as we know can be very inquisitive and resourceful. You may wish to be open minded and bring your children up in an open relationship where you feel they can approach you with any real life questions but the line must be drawn at bedroom revelations.

There are some things that you just don’t want to share with your offspring I’m sure.

The reasons I ask this question of you all is that there was an article on the news last week about a vicar who became incensed by his local shop stocking Playboy pencil cases in bright girlie colours next to obviously childish ones featuring Pooh Bear and other children’s characters.

He apparently threw the products to the floor in rage and got himself on to the national news as a result.

His opinion on this is that these products are not acceptable to be marketed to children and therefore making the Playboy empire and all it stands for “acceptable” to young impressionable children.

What do you think? Should these products, given what they represent be sold to minors?