Fantasy Girls 4 U

By | February 13, 2011

What’s going to be the most popular type of porn, erotica and adult entertainment in the current gloomy financial climate?

I was thinking about this today.

I suppose that depends on your current disposition, financially, career wise and emotionally. And of course how you react if your life does get a knock, like losing your job, or worse.

Everyone is going to need a distraction from the real world and the adult side of the web can provide that. It’s just how far from the real world do you want to go?

I have written some gritty stories in the past, filled with lies, envy, avarice, deceit and all sorts of darker emotions that in my experience can touch relationships. They don’t have to mean the end of a relationship, the process of overcoming such emotions and their aftermath can strengthen the bond between a couple, and they do make for interesting narratives.

From the purely pornographic point of view, i.e. commercial porn sites and movie studios, I suppose reality would be represented by the gonzo style films that are now very popular. However films of that genre are simply portraying a “real” sexual situation. They are still a fiction and require the suspension of disbelief in way that a piece of erotic fiction rather bizarrely does not.

Think about it. If you’re reading a piece of fiction, even though you know it’s not a description of true events, don’t you find it easier to lose yourself in it than a badly acted movie?

Away from the street porn of gonzo movies and my particularly dark brand of writing are the fantasies. Now I don’t do hearts and flowers, heaving bosoms and mysterious strangers whisking you away. What I do write is fantasy erotica, full of daemons, succubusses and homicidal plot twists.

It’s the ultimate in escapism.

So why do I now find myself writing about encounters in beautiful beach resorts with willing and enthusiastic strangers. It’s not the effect of Valentines Day, more likely that I need a bit of a rest from the darkness and the fact that the weather here is so cold and snowy that I long for a bit of sun. There, you see, I’m overcompensating for the cold weather.

Back to the darkness though, I’ve got the writing bug again. I have a story brewing and it’ll be a good one Mwahahahaha!