Pantie Pickup

By | May 25, 2008

Horny set the ball rolling the other day with her pantie slip up, we all set to recalling embarrassing underwear related incidents.

I told them about the time I worked in a male dominated office and my padding fell out of my bra without me noticing. As I talked to my colleague stood by the side of my desk it came in to my peripheral vision.

A white nylon kidney shaped insert was laying on the floor next to me. I don’t know how I managed to do it but whilst talking and keeping him occupied I managed to scrape the padding under my desk and out of view. 🙂 Probably one of my most embarrassing moments even though I wasn’t busted on that occasion.

Busty then joined in and told us about the time she left her washing out over night in the garden. The following day she forgot again to bring it in and as night fell she ran out to retrieve it, collecting it up and placing it in her washing basket.

The following morning she kissed her boyfriend before he left the house, had breakfast and the opened the back door to find something interesting sitting on the doorstep. Her panties. It seemed that she had dropped something in her rush to clear the washing line.

When she got back in the evening from work she was greeted outside the back door by her boyfriend returning home from work too. She put the key in the lock and looked over to her right to see her next-door neighbour in the adjacent house smiling at her.

She walked in to the house and asked her boyfriend if he had put her panties on the doorstep as he left that morning and he knew nothing about it. Only one explanation remained, the guy in the house nextdoor had put them there.

“Were they utility panties or nice ones?”, I had to ask didn’t I. Lol She replied that they were fortunately a fancy new pair she had just purchased. I replied that she was lucky to get them back then. 😉