Suze Gets Down And Dirty With The Pros

By | May 25, 2008

I bet you can’t guess where we have been this weekend. Go on I’ll give you Brits a clue…

…did you guess right, we have been down to London, and not to see the Queen. We attended this year’s hot Passion event held at Earls Court, London and it was Grrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaat!

We met so many fantastic people and some of my idols, who I’ll tell you about later. Alex got to interview, photograph and touch up some love girls. Ok…well, not so much of the touch up but he did get up-close with some naughty girls. 😉

It’s the longest that we have been away from blogging in a while and although it’s nice to have a break when so much of your free time is devoted to dishing out naughtiness. I have to admit that I missed not being online and sharing the details there and then. And the cat is only just speaking to both of us.

One thing is for sure there are going to be some great posts coming up on here and and some new toys to feature on our sister site Sex Toy Buzz.

Watch this space as we share with you.

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