Soap Us Up Suze

By | February 15, 2011

I checked the brakes on Suze’s car yesterday and afterwards while washing off I started thinking about sex. Nothing new there then. This time it was all sparked off by my use of Swarfega to get rid of the brake dust and road grime.

Swarfega is soap like any other soap. If you’ve never used it Swarfega begins its life as a green gelatinous substance supplied in a tub and is used extensively throughout the motor trade and engineering industries by manual workers. For me it is always evocative of dirt, oil and grime.

Not something that you’d normally find sexy.

There are people however how do allude to the use of Swarfega in sex. Now in one way I can understand this, it would be a great external lubricant, not too liquid so it wouldn’t run off and very slippery. I’m almost tempted to try it for a bit of fun.

The problem is that whenever I smell it I can only think of guys in overalls with dirty hands and the huge tub of Swarfega at a place used to work. Once opened it would develop countless furrows from the fingers of the workers as they scooped out the gelatinous soap to wash with and in so doing left a trail of dirt and bearing grease in the Swarfega.

A little off-putting to imagine the contamination of a lubricant with grease and other impurities.

Has anyone tried Swarfega in their play?