Porn Star Girlfriend

By | February 15, 2011

I’ve decided I need a porn star girlfriend. The reason is not what you might think.

We were watching a porn DVD last night and the nice young lady getting a seeing to was the reason for this post. Or to be more accurate hers was the final performance that made me realise that every guy needs a porn star girlfriend.

This is not about needing a girlfriend who will do just about anything in the bedroom. Though of course that is nice … no it’s about a girlfriend who reacts to your every touch your every move. Hang on, I thought as I watched the DVD, he’s hardly touching her.

Well, we watched a bit longer and although I was rather taken by the brown haired, enthusiastic, and very pert-chested girl writhing on the sofa I had to remark to Suze.

“She’s easily pleased. It’s a good job I wasn’t fucking her, she’d pass out.”

Suze laughed, partly because of the boastful nature of my statement partly because she agreed with me.

I have yet to meet the woman who reaches orgasm by the repeated insertion and removal of my straight finger. I don’t know of any girl who moans like a $20 hooker when the tip of my tongue glances her labia.

I know that porn scenes are not real, but hey are suppose to arouse and I can’t get aroused when I can see the impossibility of the situation – I.E. that the woman cannot be enjoying it as much as she makes out.

By all means girls get the most out of his meat when he has it inside you and you can enjoy a good fucking. But breathing through your teeth and developing asthma whilst watching your female partner in crime suck off a bloke in an f-m-f scene does not convince me you’re getting off on the experience.

I want to be fooled and taken in by the performances in an erotic movie or porn flick so I’m ready to participate in the masquerade – Which means if I’m not you really have fucked it up.