Sex In A New Place

By | February 15, 2011

I lay on my back and studied the ceiling. The brown stains leaching through the plasterboard telling a tale of a leaky roof and promising a call to the landlady in the early hours if the rain outside continued. We’d been in the flat for about six hours and were surrounded by boxes.

My parents had helped, lugging boxes into our new place. Their help was welcome but they knew that once the last box was in our new home we would need to sleep after the exhausting move. We sat in our new lounge and drank a coffee together, thanking them profusely as they left and then collapsed onto the bed.

Our passion was young, only a few months old but our fatigue was intense and so it was with huge surprise that after perhaps thirty minutes of dozing I was woken by the touch of her hand on my face.  Her lips followed, pressed against mine, demanding, needy and insistent.

I’m listening now to the music we loved then. An album we both enjoyed when we first began living together, the sort of songs that seem out of time now but comfort me and take me back to that first flat and the carefree, passionate times we had then. While some people disparage nostalgia I have to disagree, remembering the passion we had then only reinforces the bond we have now and the multifaceted sexuality we take from each other when we fuck in the present. Then we were innocent, but passionate and tireless, vigorous in our love making and devotion to each other. Now we are more sophisticated but remembering the frantic cascade of sexual discovery we experienced then still gives us pleasure.

Her touch had brought me back to hazy consciousness and my mind raced. I had discounted the thoughts of sex in our first place together on that first night knowing the hard work we had put in packing and lugging our possessions had made our limbs heavy and our minds languid.

I reacted almost immediately, rolling towards her with a rapidly hardening cock. I pressed it into her belly, feeling her push hard against me and enjoying the sensation of a hard cock on her stomach. I thrust into her soft flesh, the clear precum oozing from me in a copious stream.

She wanted to be fucked but in a different way from that which I was used to. Before it had been the urgent and passionate need that derived from the nature of our courtship, intense, torrid and wanton. This time it was a sort of comforting affirmation of our union in flesh and now in residence together. The first of many in and around the flat …

I grabbed a handful of her hair. I was rough, but rough with passion and the intensity of my touch was welcomed, indeed it fuelled her lust. There was no need for foreplay as such we simply began several minutes of fervent grinding, with her legs trapping one of my thighs while she rubbed her pussy against it and covered it with her wetness. My hard cock coated her belly in precum while the room seemed to fill with humidity from our body’s exertions.

We kissed with tongues that never stopped moving in each other’s mouth and made ourselves breathless in doing so. Our hands stroked and grasped, pulled and raked at naked flesh.

Then I knew it was time and pushed her onto her back. Her legs opened and with our eyes fixed on each others I slid between her legs and pressed my cock against her swollen pussy lips. She didn’t shave then, nor did I. It’s been so long since we let our hair grow down there that it seems odd to think of it now, our pubic hair entangled as I thrust deep inside her.

The intense smell of her pussy was driving me wild, her legs wrapped around my back, then she dug her heels into my buttocks pulling me in, urging me to ram harder into her sex as if her moans and rolling eyes weren’t encouragement enough.

Our orgasms almost coincided, but not quite. She shrieked that she was cumming a few seconds before I felt my balls pump semen into her hot snatch. I kept pumping long after my balls were empty before finally falling forward onto her chest.

I rolled over to my side of the bed and she followed, resting her head on my chest and throwing her leg over me …

We woke an hour later with our thighs covered in a dried mixture of our fluids that had oozed from my cock and he pussy. The bedroom was filled with a light tinted by the awful pink curtains at the windows.