Showing Me The Way In Porn

By | February 15, 2011

CockTanya took me out of the room in to the main entrance hallway which was rather Spartan with stone floor and table complete with ornate wine cooler.  Then through a panelled door to the lift/stairs and another door which led to the very room Helen Bonham Carter waited patiently for her husband as he underwent speech therapy in The King’s Speech.

At the time I hadn’t seen the film but I have now and realise just how much footage was shot in Portland Place.  Practically all of it, which seems really strange when you watch the film.  I’m assuming that all porn shoots were cancelled during that time.  Lol

The next set of doors led me in to the very room where Lionel Logue worked on Bertie’s stammering.  At the time I was totally oblivious to The King’s Speech and looked upon the room as being particularly shabby with peeling paint.  Now when I think about it, was that carpet Bertie rolled about on sticky?

I noticed that Lionel would have taken a pee in the very room that the porn shoot took place in.  Creative license if you will.  Lol

At the time the tour really didn’t mean that much to me but now it has a special place in my thoughts.  And there was still upstairs…