The House Of Porn

By | February 16, 2011

Lionel Logues COnsulting RoomThey continued to set up downstairs Alex and I decided to explore the first floor.  I now had the opportunity to tread the stone stairs that have featured in several porn productions.  As I led  the way upstairs I couldn’t resist turning around and running my hands up my inner thighs whilst pouting at Alex just as many girls have done before.

Alex laughed and we continued our way up on to the landing.  The plaster wall freezes are looking tired now but you could imagine just how grand the house would have looked back in the day.  Light fills the hall and landing because of the glass dome immediately above.

The upstairs comprises of two rooms which open in to each other.  Both have grand fireplaces and are spartanly furnished.  The film crew must have brought in a lot of period furniture when they filmed up there in The King’s Speech.  It was featured as the sitting room of Bertie and his wife.

Now the room was almost empty save a sofa and chair here and there.  The curtains were drawn making the room dim and atmospheric.  And the floorboards squeak under foot.

We were advised not to venture on to the next level as they were privately rented flats up there so we made our way back down.  Tanya informed us that the guys wouldn’t be arriving until around lunchtime.  So we decided to go and grab something to eat before things got underway.

Shay was having the finishing touches made to her makeup and would soon be changing in to her costume…