Sheyla Hershey, Largest Breasts In The World

By | February 16, 2011

Sheyla HersheyI just read that Sheyla Hershey 31 originally from Brazil but now living in Houston Texas had the largest breasts in the world.  That was until September last year when due to complications following the surgery she had to have them removed.

She had MMM sized implants and was due to return to the operating theatre today to have KKK implants inserted.

But last night it was reported that she is in a coma due to a pills overdose, it’s the second time in 2 months that the model has attempted to commit suicide.

Hershey who is only 31 has been reported as being bipolar and obsessed with her breasts.  She has reportedly said that she feels ugly without her breasts and that without them she doesn’t know who she is.

I really feel for her if the only thing that makes her feel any self worth is having extremely large implants.  Is it possible that she could also be suffering from body dysmorphia?

My thoughts are with her family who are being put through this.  Sheyla quite obviously is crying out for help, I hope she gets the support she needs when she comes round.