A Quickie And Off

By | May 26, 2008

Passion ShowWe took the train down to London for the Passion show, no point in driving in and having the hassle of finding somewhere to park at the end of the journey. On the way down we were seated at a shared table, which we had the pleasure of sharing with Mr Geek.

Most of us are familiar with the “Laptopper” sitting there with his PC and typing away regardless of all around him, I say him because most of them are male. Sorry! But this guy was fully kitted up, complete with his full ear headphones. And wait for it…attached microphone which he had pointed skywards.

In fact now I come to think about it he looked like Harry Potter online. We weren’t sure if he was going to start answering helpdesk calls or fire up a game of World Of Warcraft. Yawn…Ok, You can wake up now. Lol

Apart from having to play footsie under the table all the way down, the journey was pretty much uneventful. That is apart from Alex jumping on the tube and leaving me to struggle past the alighting Incredible Hulk and getting trapped in the doors as a result of him almost knocking me off my feet and delaying my entry.

It was bloody hot down there in the bowels of the earth too. And dare I say it there were a few dubious characters on there too who I tried not to make eye contact with. Alex sat opposite me and kept me amused. 😉

Once we were up out of the tube at Kings Cross it was a short walk to our hotel. It had a nice mock gothic fronted hotel with welcoming griffins over the entrance, very nice. We signed in and made our way to the fourth floor. All was going well. When we entered the room I was a little disappointed at the décor and facilities they were nothing like the last hotel we stayed in but I dismissed these thoughts as we were in London.

I think we had been in the room about … uhm … 2 minutes when the first came by…then another. We both looked out the window to the rear of the hotel and found the source of the noise. It was a bloody train track directly under our window. A train spotter’s dream, no, orgasm. Lol

Determined that we were going to enjoy our break in the capital city we carried on regardless, unpacked, took a quick shower and headed out to Earls Court via the tube. We had arranged to meet up with Patrick from Television X who we have been working closely with lately and what a lovely guy he is. Patrick if you are reading you are such a sweetie. 😉

He was sitting on the steps outside Earls Court when we arrived. What happened next was one of the most interesting, enjoyable and tiring days of my life …

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