Ready To Fuck

By | February 16, 2011

Do you have one?  I’m waving my hand high in the air.  I know this involves a certain amount of planning and perhaps more likely to happen with a regular partner than a quickie or one night stand.  Or does it?

My routine starts with personal hygiene I can’t stand the idea that my pussy may be less than fresh, a little sweaty or pissy.  So I like to have a shower or if there isn’t time I will more than likely have a good wash with a flannel.  In fact we do this together with Alex doing the washing, which I find to be a tender start to the proceedings.

But before the washing starts I normally try to take a pee, even if I don’t need one I will sit of the toilet and try.  This brings back memories of family outings where I would be asked to go to the loo and try and do a wee before we set off to avoid the pulling in to a layby to take a crafty pee.

This is purely habit and when I haven’t taken a pre fuck pee I’ve actually enjoyed the pressure created by having a full bladder, it seems to compress and enhance the stimulation.  I believe that you can’t pee when you are fucking anyway so there is no need to panic about the possibility of urinating when you come.

I’ve found that just like with the male erection the urethra closes whilst you are aroused.  This has been proven on many occasions when I have rushed off to the loo post fuck to pee and nothing comes out for few moments.

I’m interested in knowing your thoughts on this, do you have a pre fuck routine or is it just me?  😉