Fucking Funny?

By | January 7, 2007

In our latest quest to find some good porn to watch we returned another DVD for swapping at our local Adult Store.  They are beginning to recognise us again now.  We will be turning up one day to them greeting us by our first names and asking if we would like a cup of tea.  😀

We were feeling kind of lazy on Saturday evening so we disappeared off to bed around 8:30pm and turned on the DVD player.  This time we tried a new vendor to see if they could scratch that itch if you know what I mean.

Alex opened the red and we lay back against the headboard sipping away with great hopes that this would be a good one, given that the past couple we have returned with have been less than arousing for different reasons.

The DVD started up and looked quite promising with the clips that were given as a taster at the beginning.  I placed down my wine on the bedside table and took up my resting position (which means right hand on Alex’s cock.  Lol) 

It looked good, the first scene featured Simony.  Yes, that’s her in the top left corner there.  She could do me any day, she has eyes which moisten my lips within moments.  But enough said…

She was there on a platform in a dreamy setting, surrounded by reams of white nylon netting.  At this point I began to wonder why, had she become a seamstress since I saw her getting fucked last.  🙂  She was now on all fours pouting and moaning to the camera, looking very hot and dirty.  Then on to the platform stepped her male companion and he started to lick and finger her, this would normally have got me right in the mood but it had the opposite effect.

The moans weren’t syncronised with the action and she started to do the common porn classic of sucking air in between her teeth loudly.  This has the effect of making the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, it sounds so false especially coupled with the insincere moans and groans.

I was beginning to find myself slightly irritated by the action which seemed to be unsure whether it was going for the stunning camera effects and scenes or pure porn action.  As soon as they did a close up on the pussy action it would either go romantically misty or cut to a shot of her face again.  Now, I love to look at Simony just like many men and women for that matter, but not when I know she is being fucked by a rather ample cock.  I want to see her swelling and getting wet not pouting and making eyes to the camera.

Anyway I digress, Simony is being fucked quite nicely and Alex is like a baton in my hand!  We turned and looked at each other and without any words being said or pre-fumbleâ„¢ he was flipping me on to my right side pushing my right leg between his and taking hold of my left in his left hand.

He pushed in deep and started to fuck me like a man possessed.  No slow screw with embraces and kissing.  Just fucking, fucking and more fucking.  I came, once, twice, three times (don’t anyone out there say “a lady”.  :D)  Then Alex began to screw up his face in to the “I’m coming” look, and with a hard thrust of the hips which banged against my arse with a clang of bones.  He came deep inside me.

Nothing abnormal there you may think but…he then started to laugh.  I thought he had a funny momentary thought pass through his mind and he would stop.  But he didn’t he just became more and more hearty as he began to slow the thrusts as the last of his seed spewed forth.

His laughing then developed in to a roll around on the bed laughter.  Well, you can imagine by now I was slightly bemused.  What the fuck was so funny?  Did I have something strange stuck to my back?  Had I farted and not noticed in the throws of passion?

I must have had a rather concerned look on my face when Alex finally stopped laughing and asked what was wrong.  Not that he really needed to ask, men don’t usually break out in uncontrollable laughter when they are fucking me.  I can quite honestly say it is the first time I have known my partner do that during sex.

Best part about this is that Alex doesn’t have a clue why he was laughing.  If anyone can enlighten me I would love to know why this occurred.

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