Watching Alex With Two Pornstars

By | May 26, 2008

Alex with Renee Richards and Carmel MoorePatrick took us inside the venue and waited while we both got sorted out with press passes so that we could take some pictures once inside. We will be sharing those with you over the coming days if you couldn’t make it to the event. Oh, for those of you catching up, we went to the Passion show at Earls Court over the weekend.

Our first stop was the bar and boy did we need it, London was incredibly hot and humid at the weekend and we northerners were more used to chill and rain. We all sat and had a good chat about TelevisionX and the history behind AlexSuze. Patrick came across as being a very down to earth, warm and pleasant guy.

Suitably refreshed, we quickly downed our pints of lager and made for the TVX stand to chat some more. There was going to be so much to cover at the event we didn’t want to waste any time. And I also got the feeling that Alex was more than eager to reach the stand, I’ll tell you why in a moment. 😉

After the formalities Alex took up position on the comfy sofa on the stand and was accompanied on both sides by two lovely girls, a gorgeous brunette called Renee and a curvy lovely called Carmel. I was standing at the front of the stand with Patrick and the others from TelevisionX, whilst Alex looked completely at home with a pornstar sitting either side of him. The lucky b*?!*’rd. Lol

I must say I was hard pushed to decide who I would prefer to spend some naughty time with and gave up in the end, both. Alex was really getting in to his interview with the girls they were snuggled up and giggling. Wait on…”interview”, more like excuse to spend some time with two gorgeous girls from the industry. But he wasn’t going to do anything with me watching…no, I would join in. 😉

As he sat there chatting away I observed several guys approach the stand and the look of envy on their faces as they watched the three of them frolicking was obvious. After he finished with the girls they signed some pics which we will be offering to you dear readers, so stay tuned for that.

Interviews over we made our way to see our friends over at Magma Toys and for some strange reason Alex was grinning like a Cheshire cat. 🙂

You can see our video diary of the Passion show here.

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