Lesbian Sex Show

By | February 18, 2011

“See you later.” Said Cindy leaning over to kiss her husband who was sitting in his favourite armchair. “Love you.”

“Yeah, you too.” He replied, leaning to one side to ensure she did not block his view of the TV. He had almost finished this level and massacred a huge number of mutants, it was his best score ever and he didn’t want to be distracted. “You have a good time.”

She closed the front door and hopped into their battered Ford Saloon.


She parked in the carpark and made her way to the shuttered door. Cindy pressed the intercom button and gave her name. The roller shutter clanked open to let her in then shut again when she was inside.

All the familiar faces were there and a couple of new ones, a couple of dozen in all. Business was picking up. The lighting was low, some scented candles but mainly dimmed lights. Drinks were flowing, though overindulgence wasn’t encouraged as being out on this isolated industrial estate meant that many of those present had to drive home.

Large beanbags covered the floor between the displays and it was there that the women congregated in anticipation of Fiona’s demonstration.

Cindy scanned the room. The new faces were timid, excited but unwilling to hold her gaze. The more experienced women chatted in fluid groups, one or two working the room, others sticking to their closest acquaintances, inhabiting their respective comfort zones.

She found herself licking her lips at the sight of one blonde girl sitting on the floor, who she knew only by sight, traced circles on the stocking covered knee of a curvy fifty year old woman. The older woman always introduced herself as Mary at these demonstrations, but Cindy knew her as Rosemary from the chemists in the city centre. The deceit was a thin one but served to separate Rosemary’s real life self from this her guilty indulgence.

A few more women entered, the clattering of the electric shutter presaging their arrival, until everyone was sitting. Conversation stopped, the air was thick with anticipation.

Fiona entered. She was wearing a short denim skirt, purple blouse and matching stilettos. In her hand she carried a cardboard box.

“Hi everyone. I know you’ve all been waiting to see this.” She waved the box at them. “But first I’ve some other products to show you.”

Fiona stood in front of the assembled hedonists and began her presentation. On finishing each product she passed out samples to anyone who waved a hand at her. As the presentation progressed the mood changed in the room. One by one the women began to slowly undress and a deeply sexual aroma, the one that can only come from a woman permeated the atmosphere.

A quiet buzzing sound grew in volume as one by one the toys were put to good use. Some solo, others by two or three women on each other.
It became impossible to look anywhere without being confronted by the sight of naked flesh, provocative underwear or a female face contorted in masturbatory enjoyment.

Cindy waited for the demonstration, she wanted to see the new toy that Fiona had been promising for weeks. When Fiona drew it’s considerable length from the box Cindy knew it had been worth the wait.

Fiona lifted the hem of her short skirt, exposing her shaved pussy. Her labia shimmered, either from lube or excitement. Maybe both, she enjoyed these demonstrations but the size of the dildo she had revealed would be a challenge even for her. She reclined onto a beanbag and spread her legs. She reached out for a tube of lube and drizzled it on the pink tip of the realistic phallus. Realistic in every way except size. She rubbed it up and down her pussy lips spreading the lubricant across them, preparing for the arrival of the massive intruder.

The room became hushed again, moans stopped, all heads turned to watch Fiona. The only sound was the buzz of two dozen vibes buried in two dozen pussies. Everyone held their breaths watching the large domed head of the cock push aside the folds of Fiona’s outer lips and stretch her opening.

Fiona worked the cock in and out, deeper with each stroke, becoming more daring and more filled. Her eyes were half closed, concentration and lust for the plastic cock absorbing her. Fiona and the rest of the room wanted to see how deep she could push the dildo into her pussy.

Cindy worked on her pussy, she had pushed her jeans down below her knees. She’d chosen not to come in a skirt as she wanted to be inconspicuous, dressing tamely in comparison to the often glamorous, almost trashy, style of some of the women. Her horny nature was making her the centre of attention now. While Fiona fucked herself with the dildo, Cindy, eyes now shut, frigged herself delving deep into her own hole wanting to be filled by something and that something was in the hands of Fiona.

“You want this?” It was Fiona’s voice.


“Well, this one is mine!” Fiona was teasing her “You’ll have to have this one of your own.”

Fiona slid another huge dildo from its box. Cindy felt her jeans and panties pulled from her legs and then her legs spread wide. Gentle hands rubbed lube onto her pussy lips, then dipped inside spreading the cool liquid in to her warm cavern. She opened her eyes to see a ring of expectant faces around her. Fiona, dildo in hand was framed in the V of her legs.

Her lips were parted, her pussy began to spread. Fiona worked the phallus into her, gently, slower than she had done in her own pussy. Cindy felt herself stretched and wanted more urging Fiona on. The faces around her made her hornier than ever, knowing that every one of them was seeing her semi-naked, wanton and enjoying being fucked by another woman with a massive dildo. She felt dirty and yet cleansed. No guilt, only pleasure, sensational pleasure …


The night was a good one for Fiona. When she cashed up she had a pleasant surprise, 20% up on last week. This was the best promotional idea she had ever had.

There was only one rule in Fiona’s sex store. If you try it you buy it and with so many sex toys lying around who was going to resist.