Having A Wanking Lunch

By | February 17, 2011

Clarke KentAlex decided to go and get lunch whilst I booted up the laptop and logged on to Facebook to update the readers there with regular bulletins.

As I typed away on the keyboard there was a knock on the door and Omar walked in to the room.  I said hello as he made his way in to the adjoining room where Tanya and assistant were still setting up the lighting and props.

Shortly afterwards there was a second knock and in walked Clark Kent.  The guys had arrived!  They amused themselves saying hi to everyone as Shay sat having the finishing touches made to her hair.

A few minutes later Alex walked in with sandwiches and refreshments.  I selected a ham salad and started to eat, all this work was making me hungry.  The next moment something very surreal happened, well for me that is.

I’m just taking a bite of my sarnie and in struts Omar cock proudly held in hand and he’s wanking, getting himself ready.  I know it was a porn set but I didn’t expect such an impromptu floor show.  Nothing was putting me off my food so I watched as I consumed my lunch.

It was now time for Shay to dress for the shoot and Tanya opened a large plastic crate marked corsets and retrieved a black satin, lace up waspie.  Next he passed her a pair of black platforms with huge heels and a pair of stockings.

You may have noticed that I made no mention of panties, that’s because there weren’t any.  😉  Although she did have a very nice fedora to wear on her head.  Shay removed her clothing and stood naked in the room allowing the dresser to prepare her.

And I must say what a wonderful figure she has and the most wonderful perky natural breasts which were soon accentuated by the black waspie which was being tightly laced at the back.  Black sheer nylons were rolled up to her thighs and black porn shoes place upon her feet.

She looked hot!  As you will know if you have been reading my updates.

It was almost time…