Wild Weekend

By | May 27, 2008

When you read this I’ll be at work in the morning, probably being asked that obvious question “Alex, did you get up to much over the long weekend …”

Now I’m a generally honest person who given a choice would choose to tell the truth unless it would upset someone needlessly. This I’m sad to say will not be one of those occasions.

As you’ll know we spent the weekend interviewing adult industry people at the Passion show. It was hugely enjoyable, enlightening and liberating to be able to be our online selves. Funny cos that feels more like our real selves than our “real world” lives do at the moment. Being true to our sexuality is I suppose what defines Suze and I. Having to be circumspect with people in our day-to-day existence feels stifling.

But still I will answer the question “It was OK, got plenty of jobs done around the house. Did a bit of site seeing … ” you see there’ll be a grain of truth in there to make me feel better. LOL

Deceit is such an alien thing to me, but so, so necessary.