Daily Fucking

By | February 18, 2011

White ShortsIt never fails to amuse me just what the papers will run as a story but I’m even more amused by some of the books people write with no substance but lots of promotion from friends in the press.

A prime example of this is one featured for a second time (5 years later) in the Daily Mail.  I’m not sure it was worthy of a mention first time round never mind a second.  Can only assume it was a slow news day.  Lol

I’ve tried looking at the whole thing objectively and I still can’t see how Charla Muller has created a best selling book out of writing about her 40th Birthday pledge to her husband  Brad.

Now brace yourselves for this…she promised to make love to her husband every day for a year.  Yes, I told you it was hardly newsworthy let alone getting the column inches it seems to have attracted.  In fact why am I writing about it?  Lol

Looking at the cold hard facts, it’s not that difficult to fit the time in to your day to make love with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, is it now?  The problems arise if he has to go away on business for a while, what do you do, follow him?

And exactly what did she find to write about, did she give a blow by blow account of each of their trists?

If you can really be bothered here is the link to the full, story.  I speed read it, if I had lingered I may have found myself slipping in to a tauper.   😉

Oh, the image has nothing to do with the story but it cheered me up.