SeeSaw Fucking

By | May 27, 2008

Not only did the hotel back on to the main arterial train line and have a club behind it with a great sound system we also had a comedy bed.

I’m not joking…I think everything associated with that hotel was meant to annoy. The television turned itself off at inappropriate moments and there were no adult channels either. Our bathroom had a rather unpleasant smell of what can only be described as piss and I just couldn’t see myself using the shower.

Shall I go on! The water tasted foul and made the worst cup of tea ever, Oh and the main light in our bedroom area didn’t work. I’m guessing that nobody out there is envious. Lol

Then to top the lot when we finally got down to collapsing on the bed after a hard day at the Passion show the bed did strange things.

I assumed the position on all fours in front of Alex ready to take some good hard cock and as I opened my legs I started to list like I was on a boat. Now, I know that we had partaken in a few glasses of wine to help us sleep through the noise but this was ridiculous.

Every time we moved the bed tipped us to one side or the other. It was like having a druken fuck and going off balance all the time. It did add a new dimension to the proceedings, I wonder if the intention was to put people off copulating.

Well, all I can say is it didn’t work after a day looking at semi clad women and sex toys I was not giving up. 😉