Loving The Titty Jiggle

By | February 19, 2011

Dark Haired GirlI’ve told you all before that I like to row and that there is a Power Plate behind me on the same floor.  This makes rowing slightly more interesting as the vibrations pass up through the floor, along the supporting bar and in to my plastic seat.

This turns my rowing machine in to an instant clitoral vibrator as the ridge of the seat nuzzles against my little nub.  Rowing suddenly becomes easier to do when the Power Plate is in action.  For those of you unfamiliar with this piece of gym kit.  The PP uses vibration and your body’s resistance to allegedly tone muscle.

Today I had the pleasure of seeing first hand what it does.  They have moved the chest press machine and it now sits facing the Power Plate.  A couple of presses in a new member, I suspect one of the post Christmas guilt trip newbies stepped on board the PP.

She was kind of plain looking but had a very nice rack on her.  I continued to push the arms of the machine together over my chest as she took up her leaning outward stance to tone her left arm I assume.

The plate started up and OMG!  The deep scoop of her top soon had those puppies trying to escape.  For some reason I just couldn’t concentrate on my presses and took a break for a drink, eyes fixed on Miss Jiggle over the other side of the room.

Will be doing more chest presses in future me thinks…