Hard And Horny

By | February 20, 2011

AlexSuze.comI’ve been doing a little poking around recently for a review I’m doing for one of our toy suppliers. It’s involved trying to discover empirical evidence for the effectiveness of various naturally occurring substances as aphrodisiacs.

So far the only one that I’ve read credible evidence about is nutmeg. Used in controlled and apparently well documented experiments in rats it apparently increases sex drive in the males and reduces the time between matings, i.e. reduces the recovery time required until the males are able to mate again.

A warning is in order. Be careful with nutmeg though, it also has hallucinogenic properties and has been used in the past by people (including prison inmates) to get high. Malcolm X used it while he was incarcerated ( before his conversion to Islam, to get off his face. The practice eventually led to the spice being banned in US prisons.

Most supposed aphrodisiacs seem to be based on either association by function, e.g. seeds being metaphorically representative of the males seed. Or by shape, the most amusing example being avocado whose Aztec name was “Ahuacuatl” or testicle tree. Then of course there’s the oyster, whose only association that I can make with sex is that they look and taste like a shell full of cum.

As for some aphrodisiac foods I can only say that something went wrong during the thought process of the people who first decided they were sexual enhancers. The primary example of this for me is asparagus. The high sulphur content of the plant makes my pee smell awful within a few minutes of eating the stuff, so a bit of a turn-off for your partner as no matter how much you want the pungent odour is always going to be around when they go down on you.

I’ll keep digging and let you all know if I find some more conclusive evidence of real, natural aphrodisiacs.