Close Up And Personal With Strap-On Jane

By | May 28, 2008

Strapon JaneI wrote a while ago about Strapon Jane and her dildonic talents. 😉 Having seen the list of attractions and exhibitors, I knew that she would be at Passion but I didn’t know when or where.

And to my surprise, just as we were walking towards the main concourse I spotted her strutting up, sporting her black strapon in her goth boots, making quite a formidable entrance.

She looked gorgeous! *sigh*

I just had to get some shots of her so I urged Alex to go up to her and ask if he could take some pics. Neither of us were sure how she would respond but she was the most obliging, sweet girl. Within seconds she was posing for the camera, cock in hand. Lol

Jane is a true pro but not at all hardened and stand-offish. She chatted and at one point asked Alex to lay down on the floor. He looked at me and I looked at him and then he followed orders and lay down. The next thing Jane is straddling him holding her cock giving some great upward shots.

For a moment I think Alex thought he was in. 😉

We talked for a while about what we do and asked her a few questions and there was a great photo taken of the both of us embracing which I will treasure. She also gave us a DVD of some of her exploits to review. Unfortunately she had prior commitments and had to dash off shortly after but we hope to interview her in the near future. How about it Jane?

Now both of us were walking around with big smiles on our faces.

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