Girls On Sexy Lingerie

By | February 22, 2011

Alex SuzeStraight men like women in sexy underwear, but what qualifies underwear as sexy. What types of underwear are sexy and why is the whole idea of underwear such a turn-on.

As I see it underwear is sexy because it’s the last thing you get your hands on before the pure, unadorned and unadulterated flesh beneath. It emphasises a woman’s femininity and augments her already beautiful form. The English comedian Ben Elton once questioned this point of view by pointing out that at it’s most basic underwear function is to stop you skidding your trousers. However he was at his most PC at that point in his career and anyone who morphs ina few years from anarchist/Marxist to bowing and simpering for the Queen isn’t someone you should take as an earnest and reliable source of insight.

In literal terms Ben Elton is right, but in all other ways he cannot be more wrong. All female underwear, except for the most frumpy, shapeless and unflattering produces in most men an immediate reaction. It’s an association with sex, exploration and fun. Even “big pants” can objects of desire since Brigit Jones’ Diary.

The fact that “big Pants” don’t have to be a turn-off underlines that everyone has their own idea of sexy in underwear terms as they do in all other areas.

I have a thing for smooth cotton bras. I love them because their simplicity allows the wearer to show off their breasts, covered but with their shape displayed in all its glory. Yet I like more complex bra designs, be they frilly, brightly coloured or enhancing, and all for different reasons.

Colour can trip certain memories and feeling. A certain encounter with a girl, a picture in a movie or a book, whatever it is the sight of a particular colour underwear may set off a whole train of thought, a fantasy or a memory of a memorable liaison.

On the whole I don’t like intricate designs. Our house is minimalist in décor, we don’t dress ostentatiously, but sometimes Suze wears underwear with the most exquisite detailing, lacy, or embroidered and this too is a turn-on. Yes I like the simple underwear, but showy, theatrical designs too. Yes it can depend on my mood, but the type of underwear I find when I undress Suze can dictate the mood too.

In signalling Suze’s state of mind through the style of her underwear she can consciously or subconsciously modify my mood and thus change the way we make love.

How about you guys? What sort of underwear does it for you?