And Let The Fucking Begin

By | February 21, 2011

Shay HendrixThe guys were now dressed in black leggings and shall I say some really, really kinky stuff which you will find out about when we review this production.  Spooky!

Shay was now dressed and looking hot to trot.  The room was now littered with floor lighting covered in pink and blue acetate to give an atmospheric glow, illumination and boon mike were poised at the end of the room and the floor was strewn with cables – a health and safety nightmare!  Lol

As I walked through the open double doors I recognised various pieces of apparatus from previous Tanya Hyde productions, a very strange feeling.  I had watched many girls being fucked on this equipment in previous movies.

The doors were pulled closed and now there were 7 of us in the room.  Tanya and another camera operator, Shay, Omar, Clarke Kent, Alex and myself and an excellent photographer by the name of Joby Rawlins who is renowned for his glamour shots.  Joby has worked for everyone from FHM to the BBC.  And he is a really nice guy too.  You can check out his work here.

Shay’s first elements of the scenes were going to be blowjobs for both Clarke and Omar so everyone was assembled at the far end of the room.  Shay took to her knees on the foam pad to protect her from the aged floorboards of Portland Place.

Alex and I took up seats to either side of the room to afford us a good view of the action and what happened next took us by surprise.  Before each scene the stills are taken, so Joby stepped in and took various shots of Shay working her magic on both of the guys before the real action started.

Then in stepped Tanya and Neil ready to film the action and I started to get excited at the prospect of real live action taking place only feet away from where I was perched.  The guys took up position right in front of where I had the best view so I adjusted myself to enable me to see the action.

The guys meanwhile were busy working their cocks keeping them hard and ready to go.  I couldn’t really see what was going on fully from the angle I was, just the odd vision of Shay’s head moving up and down on Clarke and then Omar and lots of shuffling about by the camera guys to get the best position.

Two versions of the same production were being created on the same day, one hardcore for R18 DVD release and the other softcore for Playboy.  So many things you don’t know until you are actually in the thick of it.

As I sat at the back of the room I started to realise that although I felt like a voyeur the distraction of stopping and starting and guys shuffling around on the floor really wasn’t arousing me.  I felt I was there in a more professional capacity and all thoughts of arousal were quelled.

It was a strange feeling of being privileged to be there and like it was my day job if you know what I mean.  This felt like work rather than pleasure, not to say the two cannot be entwined but not in the sexual sense.

Just how would I feel when the action really hotted up…