By | January 8, 2007

Some moments in your life are special, the Christmas/New Year holiday was one long special moment. They were a period where we both became lost in each other, spiritually, emotionally and sexually.

We achieved that state of being by simply spending a few days with each other, without the spectre of work hanging over us. There may have been some post-Christmas glow involved too, but I think that was a minor factor in creating the right conditions for us to become fully synchronised with each other. What really did it was the feeling of freedom that came from the longest unbroken period of time we’d had together for quite literally years.

If you’re a long-time reader you’ll know that we have a pretty good relationship. Not perfect, but loving, caring, passionate and committed. This was something else, something extra, and it made me do a lot of re-evaluation. Hence the soul-searching post earlier this week about the rut that I think I’m in career-wise.

We spent a lot of time in bed. Not unusual for us I know, but it was whenever we wanted to be in bed, not dictated by work, friends, family, or any of the other demands on my time.

When we were in bed, everything was just so relaxed. And naughty. We lay there in the middle of one afternoon, watching “The Grinch”, with Jim Carey, for no other reason than that it happened to be on when we turned on the TV. The afternoon was overcast and therefore the light in the bedroom was dim.

We snuggled together and things just took their own course. I got hard, she got wet. Our tender caresses turned to urgent embraces. The light touch of fingertips transformed into demanding grasping hands, exploring and probing. All in the matter of a few moments.

There was no premeditation, planning or preamble. Our sex does “just happen” as a rule, but usually we know roughly when. That’s the constraints dictated by real life.

Without that constriction everything flows more naturally and instead of the admittedly lively and often energetic sex that we do enjoy anyway, we entered another realm.

It was as if the whole world had ceased to exist and all that mattered was us. I’ve felt like that before but not as intensely. The power of this sense of absolute union and bliss was amplified because of how it contrasted with our normal daily existence, the existence which does have constraints, and rules and other demands on our time and attention.

So as we made love and fucked, and we did both in equal measure, nothing else mattered. We had a reawakening and became drunk on sensory stimulation and the knowledge that nothing was out of bounds.  Over those two days we screwed again and again. Always in our little bubble. It was a simultaneously comforting and passionately animal place to be.

We tried things we’d never tried before, little things, no great sexual athletics just the sort of sensual play that requires total relaxation and unlimited time.

It was an amazing time and out of it I think I have learned three things:

I love Suze more than I have ever loved her (and therefore any woman).

I have only scratched the surface of my creativity and to coin a phrase (you ain’t seen nothing yet).

This year things are going to change.