Huge Breasts In Japan

By | May 29, 2008

Anna Ohura – Or Should I Say Dekapai

Well, I am never bored when it comes to anything sexual. There is always something new to discover, a new technique, toy, practice and even expression.

I found out today that the Japanese have a word for the cartoon sized breasts they feature in their hentai comic books and artwork. It’s dekapai and they love it, obviously because the average Japanese girl isn’t built like Lolo Pops and to be honest they immediately arouse suspicion because normally a large chest on such a petite woman looks out of place.

Now, you know that I am partial to an ample breast or two (OK so one A cup and one DD would look silly, so always two) but I don’t go for enhanced in any shape way or form. It has to be natural and with that comes the slight sag and under arm roll when laying down it’s all part of being a natural girl. And I’m pleased to say that it is a category I fit in to.

So, Japan I’m with you on that one, I like a girl with a good pair too. ;0

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