Fume Fetish

By | February 24, 2011

Smoking is something that is becoming less and less socially acceptable. The introduction of the smoking ban in every enclosed space in Britain except private dwellings has changed the behaviour of whole swathes of society. Not only do smokers now have to make their way to designated smoking areas to get their nicotine hit, but non-smokers now frequent places that they would have previously avoided since smokers have been forced to go elsewhere.

Whether you think the ban is a good or bad thing one fact that can’t be denied is that it polarises people. Much in the same way that smoking polarises people when it comes to sex. Some people find smoking sexy, some even have a genuine fetish for it capnolagnia no less! However, particularly  if you’re a non-smoker you may think of smoking as anything from mildly off-putting when factoring it into the sexual attraction equation to a complete turn-off.

The decline in the number of smokers has I think lead to a general lowering in the tolerance of smoking partners by non-smokers. I have been  a non-smoker, smoker and ex-smoker throughout my adult life. I can say with honesty that I have at times been mildly distracted by a partner smoking, tolerant of it and hugely conscious of the habit in partners.

Even as a smoker one thing I could never say was that I found smoking itself attractive. But each to their own when it comes to sexual turn-ons at least.