Horny Mornin’

By | May 31, 2008

There’s a special warm glow that accompanies waking up on a Saturday morning. I’m writing this on Friday night in anticipation of that comforting feeling that comes from knowing you don’t have to get out of bed and drag yourself to the job that pays the bills, keeps the roof over your head, but doesn’t fulfil you any more.

There’s a certain luxurious pleasure that comes from sliding up behind your lover, feeling their warmth, sharing yours with them and knowing that your intertwined limbs will not be disturbed by the weekday necessity to brave the traffic jams and frustration that define your normal morning commute.

It’s those pleasures that make the weekend such a wonderful time of the week,

That’s not to say that we lounge in bed. The option of not having to get up is empowering, the choice, the ability to control your own destiny in even this mall way lifts your spirit. Well it lifts mine anyway. So when we do get up, no matter how early, the creative juices are flowing.

It’s times like this when it is good to be alive.

Of course in such a relaxed state it’s quite normal to be relaxed in other ways. Suze enjoys me pressing my morning erection in to her back as much as I enjoy doing the rubbing. It doesn’t even have to involve a fuck. The naughtiness of feeling my hard cock against her back is sometimes enough to sate us both while we treat ourselves to that extra half hour of relaxation. Though often we’ll indulge our carnal desires to the full. ;o)

So, while you’re reading this I hope we’re making the most of the respite from work … if you know what I mean …