Cumming At The Gym

By | February 25, 2011

You will have to forgive me regaling my tales of my trips to the gym over the next few days.  I’m sure my enthusiasm will wane.  Only joking.  Lol  Over the next few weeks I’m intending to ease myself back in to a regular regime of exercise, culminating in me being able to do it daily eventually with no aching muscles.

It may take some time.

One of my favourite activities there is rowing, it gives your whole body a good workout.  It does however have its downside.  The machines are in front of the mirrored weight lifting area which is male dominated and smells of sweat, pheremones and lipids.

Muscle Beach does have a funny side too.  I was rowing away one day last year with my back to the muscle mutts and I was put off my stroke slightly when I first encountered it.

One of the guys stood out from all the rest because every now and then the music which plays at low volume throughout the gym was permeated by “aaagggghhhh”, which was immediately followed by the crash of heavy weights hitting the flooring.

I found myself laughing a couple of times because it sounded just like the guy had come and then immediately flopped.  He did this repeatedly which kept me going through my arduous Channel crossing.  Lol

I’ll have to find a way of surreptitiously recording him so I can share the moment.  🙂