Fucked By The Machine

By | May 31, 2008

Joy of joys. Yesterday our outgoing mail from the AlexSuze.com domain stopped working. OK, I thought, maybe this is transient so didn’t report it to the host. Well it carried on all night, emails sat in the outbox, not sending.

Eventually I emailed the support team at our host and they have attempted several times to fix the problem … still no resolution though. We can receive OK, but not send emails. So if you want to email us, that’s OK, any replies will come from a different domain though.

It’s like having your right arm cut off, having your primary email account malfunctioning. For some people it’s their mobile phone. Until recently that wasn’t a problem for me, but since SexToysBuzz was launched not having that with me is a no-no, lots of nice adult industry people keep ringing me up :o). Email is still the prime method of communication for me in relation to our online work thought, so I’m hoping this will be fixed soon.

BTW, we’re having a bit of a wood-luvin’ time at Sex Toys Buzz, reviewing Jilda’s wooden dildos. You can see her site here. Even better there are more wooden toy reviews coming …

Tags: email, email problems