Orgasms The Squirrels Are Jealous Of

By | May 31, 2008

Dildo SquirrelWhen arrived home from work yesterday I was greeted inside the door by the familiar “Sorry we couldn’t deliver your parcel” card from the Royal Mail.

Seeing one of those little red and white cards excites me because I know that it is going to be something new and dirty for me to try out. The only problem is that you cannot collect your mail from the sorting office in the evening as they are closed.

So Suze had to wait!

First thing this morning Alex jumped out of bed…well, no second thing this morning he jumped out of bed…after we had a bit of a kiss and cuddle and a good fuck!

I prepared breakfast while he disappeared off in the car to the mail office, no doubt with a smile upon his face.

Hmmm…I wonder if they have scanning or x-ray equipment down there. Can you imagine how much fun they would have checking my parcels. Lol

When I heard Alex’s car pull up on the driveway I rushed to the door to take the package from him while he slipped out of his footwear.

Straight in to the kitchen I went and retrieved a pair of scissors from the drawer to cut through the parcel tape. Within seconds I was in to the box, just as Alex appeared.

Inside all the packing was a sumptuous deep purple pouch with a tiny lilac bow securing the top…

…right! Tune in later to find out what I got.

No, I’m not that cruel. It was a custom made wooden dildo all the way from America, made specially for me. 😉

Ever the journalist, Alex snatched it from my hands and took it outside in to the sunshine. He then ran upstairs to get something and emerged minutes later with his camera.

Whilst he was taking the shots of my new wooden dildo laying there in the daisies on my lawn the squirrels got a bit upset. There was one sat in the tree making strange noises. That’s her in the picture at the top of this post.

You would think they would be at home with wood wouldn’t you, perhaps they were annoyed because it didn’t have any nuts. Lol

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