Put It Right There…

By | January 9, 2007

Alex mentioned in his post yesterday just how good it was to have time together over the Christmas period.  No interruptions, no work, no outside influences, just the two of us in a cocoon of love and lust.  No make that LUST!  😉

There is one sexual act which we both enjoy but rarely participate in, tit wanking.  I love to do this to Alex but I prefer to have him cum inside me when we only have limited time to play.  So tit wanking takes a back seat to internal combustion.

The first time I gave Alex a TW I applied baby oil to both of my breasts to aide his sliding in and out.  I rubbed it all over my boobs, lay back on the bed and Alex straddled me.  This is where the problem began, my tits were so slippery I was having difficulty pushing them together whilst he worked his erection in and out of the valley between them.

We did managed to pull it off, or should that be pull him off.  Lol  But it was difficult and I think Alex wasn’t as aroused by it as he could be because the friction which would normally rub his frenulum to orgasm wasn’t as stimulating.

A plus for using baby oil is its resistance to fluids.  When he spewed his semen all over my oily tits it sat in blobs on my skin rather than dispersing and being absorbed.  Therefore, plenty of time to gather up his spunk on my fingers and devour it without it drying up and being wasted.  😉

So there is both a plus and a minus for baby oil.

The next time we tried using melon flavoured lube.  I know it’s a strange taste to go for but I gave consideration to having to suck his lubed cock clean afterwards.  Anything sweet would have been too sickly for me, I have a savoury palate.  But you can’t get lube in cheese flavour.  Or can you?  Lol

This worked well, I could push my boobs together and keep them in place until Alex’s release.  He also got more feedback from the lube, it not being quite as viscous as the baby oil.  But this had a negative aspect.  Stickiness, the lube we used when it dried became sticky and not very pleasureable to have on your skin.  Although, melon was a good flavour choice.  Tasty and not too sickly.

Our next choice was spit.  And out of all the lot it was the best for us.  Alex pushed his hard cock between my boobs as I knelt in front of him and began to work in and out.  As he did so, I spat down on to the tip of his glans, providing just the right amount of lubrication.  As he moved in and out I began to move my tits up and down to meet his thrusts.  And lots of plus points with this one, a plentiful supply (providing you aren’t dehydrated), directional handsfree application and costs nothing!

Not having any lube or baby oil on my breasts allowed me to sense when he was becoming dry and I cold then apply more saliva to his helmet.  I just love to watch a hard cock appear and disappear between my breasts.  The more he fucked them the more blood seemed to fill his erection, it was nearly purple and shining with the tension of the increased blood flow.

As he steamed in and out of my breasts I could feel his foreskin being drawn backwards and forwards.  As I watch him my own sex responds and pulses in synchrony with each thrust, I become engorged and moist watching him masturbate using my own flesh.  For me this is far more exciting than any porn film I could watch and as the tension builds and he throws his head back with his ensuing orgasm I just want to push my fingers deep inside my cunt and finger fuck myself.

He begins to shake and almost convulse as his fluid makes it’s way down the length of his cock and explodes all over my chest.  I shake my head back as he starts to spurt, hoping to avoid getting his sticky fluid in my hair (it’s a bugger to comb out).  His thrusting slows as he squeezes the very last drop of cum out of his cock.

I scoop up his deposit on my fingertips and raise them to my mouth savouring the taste of him as he collapses on the floor, satiated and spent.

Now it’s my turn …