70s Porn Star Redux?

By | June 1, 2008

I’m really skating on thin ice with Suze at the moment. Why? Read on.

I woke up on Saturday morning and never got round to shaving. It’s now Saturday night and because of gardening, the email problems from earlier and other stuff I still haven’t shaved. I’m going to see how long it is before she forces me to get rid of the face fuzz – because she hates it.

It’s not that she dislikes men with a bit of stubble, but I suspect that if she were to get one of the more rugged movies stars (for example) into bed, they’d have to take a detour via the bathroom first to ensure their faces were as smooth as a baby’s bottom before they were allowed to get intimate with her more sensitive regions.

Why the video? Because at the moment my moustache is looking disturbingly like Midge Ure’s circa 1980. And because Vienna is of course one of the greatest tracks of all time too …

If I keep it for much longer I’ll look like a 70’s pornstar. Hehehe