Suck My Cock You Bitch

By | February 26, 2011

CumOnce the blow job pictures had been taken by Joby we all made our way to the back of the room.  Situated to the left side near the wall was an adjustable shagging table long enough for a naughty cock whore to lay down on.

But before the action could take place Tanya insisted in whipping out a pair of scissors and heading towards the guys groins to create a Lycra glory hole for their manhood to poke out.  You should have seen the guy’s faces as Tanya walked towards them brandishing a pair of long bladed scissors.

Moments later – sweet release – and the guys were walking around with their tools on display.  I was rather enjoying the contours offered beneath the Lycra, especially Omar’s ebony skin beneath white fabric, very naughty indeed.  😉

To my surprise Tanya gestured for Omar to lay back on the table and beckoned Shay in her teeteringly high heels over to take part in some cock worship.  In order to reach his cock she had to part her legs wide and bend over.

Tanya and Neil took up position…right in front of me.  I shuffled over to the side which offered me a better view.  Shay was directed to kiss up Omar’s thigh and as she did so left a trail of blood red kisses from her lips which had just been loaded with extra lipstick; It looked very effective on his white hose.

The moment was slightly erotic but would soon have a visceral twist knowing Tanya.  😉  It wasn’t long before Shay was working her magic his cock.  Oh my, that girl can take some length in there.  She was now towering over him in an almost Amazonian stance bringing him closer to climax.

Meanwhile the guys were shuffling about, exchanging sides and angles and rolling about on the floor to bring the most effective angles on the action.  How they didn’t end up pulling over the lighting is beyond me but obviously a skill learned early on for a camera person.

All of Shay’s attentive ministrations culminated in a fake orgasm…now before you go off getting the wrong end of the stick there’s a reason for this.  As mentioned earlier in my accounts, they have to shoot soft core simultaneously with the R18 production.  This requires no penetration or contact with genitalia be it vaginally or orally and no cumshots.  How boring!  Lol

I remember being conscious of every squeaking floorboard and trying to stand perfectly still as not to give background noise during the shots.  But all the while people were entering the building and running up and down the stairs and a dog was barking somewhere outside.  I’m guessing that some of the footage will have accompanying music or carefully edited audio.

It was time for a break and for me to discover the toilets…