Porn And Bad Karma

By | June 2, 2008

Carmel MooreDoes having loads of porn on your hard drive give you bad Karma?

Are we subject to the same problem as some countries – if a famous Holywood star is to be believed.

Why this musing over the workings of the universe and its struggle to bring balance and harmony?

Because Suze’s (almost) new PC just decided to corrupt its own master boot record and refused to boot. I just finished fixing at and all seems well, but it’s not what you’d expect from a new PC.

So maybe it is because we do such naughty things. Well the universe can go ands stuff, because we’re enjoying what we do. And here’s a picture of a naughty lady for the cosmos to chew on, click it for more sexy ladies.

I just hope that trouble doesn’t come in threes, as after the email problems of a few days ago and the hard drive issues just now … what next?

If you want to fill in time until the world ends, read this.

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