Busty Under My Desk On Her Knees

By | June 3, 2008

Yes, you did just read that correctly.

Horny started her holidays today so it was just me and Busty on our own in the department. *sigh* I wish, it has been so busy today that we haven’t had much time to chat but I’m hoping next week I will get a chance to persuade her that she needs to come home with me. No…I must behave, it’s just so difficult when I spend my day within such close proximity to her.

She told me a couple of weeks ago that she had spotted a guy who she worked with some years ago walking past the building occasionally. Then some days later she came back from lunch and said she had stopped her car to talk to him as he walked down the road.

I asked if there was any love interest there and she said he was a nice guy but not her type. He apparently had a bit of a crush on her when they worked together and he would hang around in a bit of a creepy way.

This afternoon the phone rang and I answered and the male voice on the other end asked for Busty I asked him who he was and he said that he was a friend. He sounded a little nervous so I pushed him for a name.

As I wrote it on my notebook Busty made her way over to my desk. You should have seen the look on her face, it was pure shock. It was only the guy who she worked with, lets call him Paul to protect his true identity.

She then started to gesture that she wasn’t in and began to flap a little. The next thing I know I’m lying to this guy telling him that I have buzzed around the building and it appears that she is out a lunch.

And Busty is on her hands and knees under my desk.

Well, I don’t know how I managed to control myself from laughing and as I took his number so she could call him back I had to strain to hold back my gaphor. As soon as I put the phone down I burst in to laughter and asked Busty why she was under my desk.

“He may be outside looking in to the offices”, she replied.

Oh, if I was inscrutable the fun I could have had…

…she could have been under that desk most of the afternoon…