Three Horny Girls

By | March 4, 2011

AlexSuze.comI remembered a conversation I had at work with the girls just before I left – we were being a bit smutty and she said that she once went out with a guy who worked on a building site. Consequently he would work up a sweat during the working day and then he came home and wanted sex.

She said he would drop his trousers push down his boxers and expect me to put that thing in my mouth.

“Just one sniff would put off any girl, there was now way I was putting that in my mouth”, she exclaimed.

We giggled and Horny piped up that she usually checked it out first with her nose before doing anything with it. “How come we girls always make sure that we smell nice, girls are so much more aware of things like that”, she added. I laughed and pointed out that the other day she didn’t know what a BJ was when Busty and I were talking about it. She laughed loudly, almost falling off her chair.

Busty said she was going to the shopping centre at lunchtime to buy some play things for tomorrow night. I asked her exactly what she had in mind. “Some chocolate body paint and other little things from the Sex Shop”, she added with a wickedly naughty smile. Yes dear readers she has got back with her boyfriend and I am as sick as a parrot. I would love to share that body paint with her. đŸ˜‰

She asked what else she could do that wouldn’t cost a lot of money as they had only just got back together and she didn’t want to be too lavish. I suggested that a cheap and cheerful suggestion would be to buy some extra strong mints.

“What for”, she asked enquiringly with a smile.
“For when you give him a blowjob, your mouth will be nice and minty and he will get the tingle”, I replied
“Really, you are a source of information”, she giggled.

Then out of the blue, little Miss Innocent (Horny) chirps up, “You should try giving him a blowjob after drinking cold and hot drinks, it sends them wild”. Busty and I turned to each other and giggled once more.

“Right, I’m off”, perked up Busty and off she went to the naughty shop.

Horny and I couldn’t wait to see what she brought back.

Busty returned one hour later with a pink carrier bag with the words “Lust” and “Erotic” emblazoned all over it. So we knew she had been somewhere kinky. She was beaming and looking all excited.

She placed the bad down on her desk and then proceeded to retrieve items from within the bag. First she withdrew a sweet little box of heart shaped chocolates, a small bottle of bubbly, some massage oil and some chocolate body paint.

We thought that was spicy and then she pulled a pair of white fishnet stockings, quickly followed by a pair of black ones.

That lucky, lucky bastard…I wish it was me.