Lust In The Showers

By | June 4, 2008

We went swimming last night, trying hard to keep up the exercise although at night it’s sometimes the last thing you feel like after a hard day at work. And to be honest there are no fringe benefits, I haven’t seen anyone I fancied with the exception of a young lifeguard the other week, who hasn’t been seen since then.

That was until last night. I was just making my way down to the bottom end of the pool, the shallow end when I spotted her. She was catching her breath before setting out on another length. He hair was dark brown and pinned up on top of her head and she had a kind face. You know instantly if someone looks approachable and she did.

I swam up to the wall and rested on my haunches next to her to catch my breath. A glace and a smile from her were all I needed. I made a brief comment to her about the pool being busy and it being like swimming around the shopping centre mid day.

She agreed with me and giggled. Nice laugh I though warm and friendly. Things were looking up. 😉 I made some small talk and then she pushed off the wall and started swimming laps once again.

We passed each other several times and exchanged smiles. I was starting to hope that she would be a regular at the pool although I hadn’t seen her before. During this time Alex was happily swimming lengths and getting on with things.

I took a break round about my 30th length and as I looked down the length of the pool I spotted Alex. He was only chatting to the brunette I had been speaking to earlier. It doesn’t take him long, I though to myself as I started to swim towards them.

As I reached the end the girl set out again and Alex commented that she was a nice girl. I agreed. The rest of the session was pretty mundane and uneventful, we finished our laps and got out to shower.

To my surprise as I entered the changing rooms via the shower area the girl from the pool was in there. And she was semi naked, she had rolled down her swimsuit to waist level and was washing her hair.

Eager to join her because there was a shower free right next to her I hurried back to my locker to extract my shower gel and toiletries. As I got to the showers she was stepping out, totally naked. What a body she had. Beautiful full natural breasts, slim but not too skinny just perfect.

If only I had climbed out of the pool a few minutes later I could probably struck up conversation with her. Damn!

I’m hoping that she may be there next week it would make my exercise so much more enjoyable. 😉