Fucking Two Girlfriends And A Bonus Threesome

By | March 5, 2011

Is it alright to lust after your girlfriend’s best friend?

Suze once worked with a girl, let’s call her Karen. They were almost like sisters, great friends, do anything for each other. She was also good looking, intelligent, fun … yes just like Suze.

You can imagine the sort of things that were going through my head. LOL

Yes I fancied her. And Suze knew I fancied her as I made no secret of it. Suze would have too, but Karen wasn’t that way inclined, sadly.

There’s a difference between fancying your GF’s friends and doing something about it. Indeed there’s a huge difference between telling your girlfriend that you fancy her friend and rubbing your girlfriend’s nose in it. You do have to be reasonably sure of your own relationship before you admit to such thoughts, but we’ve been stable for a long time so simply saying that I find a particular woman attractive or Suze fancies someone else is not going to cause a problem.

The way we look at it is that if you know your partner fancies other people, and yet is faithful to you then it shows how much they actually feel about you. It’s only when they constantly compare you to other people or say how much better so-and-so is than you in a particular way that it becomes destructive.

I remember when we first got together. Suze and myself would often mention things that previous partners had done, or said, or liked, or disliked. When you do it you can feel the words tumbling out of your mouth and can’t stop them because they are simply a passing comment. How your partner takes them is the pivotal issue.

In the case of Karen, Suze and me a threesome would have been welcomed by at least two of the aforementioned, and therefore even mentioning that to Suze would have caused no problems at all. Pity it never happened.

So in answer to the question; Is it alright to lust after your girlfriend’s best friend?

I think so, it’s just doing anything about it without telling her that would be heinous, and saying it to hurt someone would be unforgivable.