First Bisexual Encounter

By | March 5, 2011

KissGrowing up I had a best friend who was one of the most honourable friends I have ever had.  She could be entrusted with anything and as a result I would talk to her without censoring myself at all.

She always had time for me and likewise I would always be an ear to listen if she wanted to talk to me.

We had been friends for a while before she confided in me something she hadn’t even shared with her parents or anyone else.  I felt very touched that she chose me to “come out” to.  If I’m honest I probably had an idea way back then but you don’t like to assume.

Her revelation took me slightly by surprise despite of my feeling that she was gay, I suppose you are never ready for someone to reveal something so personal to you.  I kept that secret from everyone with pride, even from her parents who I obviously spent lots of time with when we “stayed in”.

And I also kept secret that I was bisexual.  I think that was possibly due to the fact that I was a horny, experimental teenager.  At the time you tend to get on with things rather than over analyse.  Which is a good thing, means you can enjoy in a relatively guilt free environment.

I also had a boyfriend at the time which I suppose stamped me with the “heterosexual” label.  It took some time for it to kind of slip out of me that I was interested in her too.  Time has blurred my memory but it would most probably have been one of my sleep over’s at her house.

She had a small bedroom with a single bed, wardrobe and little else due to lack of space.  But there was enough room for someone to sleep on the floor.  As I recall I was awarded the bed being a guest and my friend had the floor.

It must have been on one of these sleep over’s that I invited her in to my bed…no her bed, as I was in her house.  Due to the proximity of our bodies, intimacy was a foregone conclusion I suppose.  I recall her snuggling up to me and placing her arm around me as we spooned quite innocently in the dark of the room

But something deeper was growing between us…