Porn – Pants

By | June 4, 2008

When you have a blog you occasionally get inundated with spam. In the same way that having an email account leaves you open to an inbox full of drivel if you don’t have your filters set just right …

Despite the traffic we get through this blog the vast majority of the spam gets filtered out very nicely. The problem with having an adult blog is of course that it’s difficult if not impossible to routinely filter for all those words that a non-adult blogger would be able to add to their comment filters without noticing.SO in that respect having an adult blog is a bit pants.

We’re going to try one of the better know WordPress Plugins to help with this in future. Mainly because our current solution was overwhelmed last night by a tidal wave of crap, selling gay sex related sites. Well, OK purporting to sell gay sex related sites. As I’m not a moron I didn’t click on any of the links the spammer in question dropped on the blog. Heaven knows what viral goodies would have been deposited on my PC if I had.

I really resent having to filter so much. It’s a lot of fiddling to tune the filters and would be so unnecessary if there weren’t spammers so eager to make money at the expense of the available resources on the Internet and the time and money of the people they target.

Anyway, if you have any trouble adding comments to this blog over the coming weeks just email me (the address is on the sidebar), just in case the filtering is a little too strict.

One final thing – to the robot that sent us 150+ identical emails yesterday – WE DO NOT HAVE A BANK OF AMERCA ACCOUNT. LOL

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