Anal Please, DP Even Better

By | March 5, 2011

Because Alex and I test toys on a regular basis there is always a toy or two around next to the bed, ready for when the urge comes.  I find this the best way to test toys, when you want and you want it now.  😉

I mention this because we were both engaged in some fast and furious doggy style fucking the other night when I was taken by surprise.  As Alex pumped in and out of me I became aware of him reaching over to his bedside drawers.  All the time he kept up the action and I’m moaning like a whore, enjoying every long hard stroke.

Then I felt a cold intruder at my back door, pushing inside me was something cold and hard.  I was now being DP’d.  Alex had grabbed a stainless steel butt plug he had for review and pushed it inside my pouting ass and it felt good.

The feel of cold metal in my ass and hot cock in my pussy soon had me coming.