Schoolgirls, Bisexuality and Lesbianism

By | June 4, 2008

I got chatting on Friday to my work colleague about various subjects including, sex change operations, penis enlargements, hand/feet size in relation to penis size, clit piercing and other work related topics. Not! 🙂

The boss was out and so was the other girl I work with, which left me with the busty blonde who I would like to get intimate with sometime. 😉 She is pretty, shapely, fun, witty and last but not least intelligent too.

We started to reminisce about our days at school and she told me about an encounter she had with a pupil at her school. Apparently this girl had been making eyes at her for some time and she had never noticed. In one of the classes they had to draw around something and she held the object flat to the paper whilst the other girl drew around it.

She told me that the girl worked her way around the shape and made her way under my work mate’s arm. As she did so she glided her hand across her ample bosom. Still my colleague did not realise this girl was after more than friendship, despite her other friends noting this and informing her that the glance across her nipple was more than an accident.

Then she went on to reveal that later in the day she was in the small drying room, placing her newly created painting in the drawer to dry when the door opened behind her. She then became aware of warm breath upon her neck and hands taking hold of her hips. At this point I was bracing myself for a hot and lusty scene. *pant*

I found myself feeling quite aroused at the thought of my lovely work mate succumbing to the attentions of a nubile teenager, mouths locked in a hungry kiss as nervous hands reached inside each other’s school shirts….

For a moment I found myself daydreaming. It could have only been for moments that I rant those wonderful moments through my mind, when she said. Suze, I didn’t want it and I turned and fled out of that room as fast as I could.

My heart sank, not only was I disappointed that she wasn’t interested in the other girls attentions but that also possibly symbolised my rejection. 🙁 Would she be interested in me? I really don’t know now, up until that point I was getting some good vibes from her. Or was I just hopeful, thinking that she could be bi like me?

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