Dogging, Camming, It`s All Fucking

By | March 6, 2011

On the whole we’ve been lucky with our neighbours, but sadly it’s only after you move in to a property that you find out what people are really like to live with. Of course when you’ve moved in it’s too late, especially in the UK where when you sell a property you have to declare any outstanding disputes to the prospective buyers. A bit of a problem if your neighbours are the reason you’re moving house.

So imagine if your neighbours are acting bizarrely towards you and the others in your street as described in this story on the BBC.

Apart from the extremely weird stuff that Gary Jarman and Sandra French were doing (quite what they thought they were up to is a mystery to me) I particularly like the attempt at “Invasion of privacy”. Surely everyone knows that if you commit a criminal offence you automatically give up your right to privacy.

Without that particular law most of the satellite channels wouldn’t have any footage to show in the early hours of the morning.

There is I suppose the possibility that the couple were actually exhibitionists and the whole thing wasn’t harassment, but exercising their base urges and sexuality. Perhaps it wasn’t simulated sex but a sort of in-your-face dogging. And even if it wasn’t, their lawyer missed that particular line of defence.

I should re-train for law.