Two Girls Together

By | June 5, 2008

This week has been my week to be on or in other words menstruate. It doesn’t stop me doing much and my sex drive remains constant so we just continue to fuck right through it.

I’ve never had a problem with the fact that I menstruate but I like to be discreet about it, after all I don’t want everyone knowing that I’m “On”. Not so for Busty at the office. We seem to have synchronised our cycles and we both have our periods together.

She had borrowed some of my tampons which I leave in the women’s toilet to avoid having to take one with me when I go. And so she didn’t forget to replace them, she brought a few in to work and then left them sitting on top of her “In” tray for everyone to see. Lol Now, that’s not giving a fuck isn’t it.

I have tried to be careful when it comes to transporting tampons to the toilet since I had an embarrassing moment in an office full of guys once. Rather than being obvious, I took a tampon out of my bag under the desk and slid it up my jumper sleeve to take with me.

However, on the way to the toilet I was accosted by a male member of my team who started to ask me about a customer and I completely forgot about what I had secreted up my sleeve. During the conversation I started to gesticulate and the next thing I knew there was a tampon flying through the air and on to the floor behind the guy.

There have been several times in my life that I would have wished for the ground to come and swallow me up and that has to be one of them. I immediately darted behind him in the hope that he hadn’t seen what had just flown out of my sleeve and retrieved it.

The exit to the toilets was just in front of me and in embarrassment I disappeared off to the toilet. When I returned to the office slightly red faced nothing was said about the whole affair for which I was very grateful.

See, even though I can be so openly honest about my sexuality and personal details there are still some things a girl likes to keep to herself. 🙂

Late Edit: Just found this video about Sophie Price that’s Kaitie Price’s sister (AKA Jordan) if you didn’t know.

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